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Our passion for treating mold and poor indoor air quality started with one of our own.

Here at Mold Free NC, we are passionate about servicing properties in the Durham, North Carolina area and beyond to ensure they have the best indoor environment possible. We are intent on offering all of our clients the chance at clean air and healthy living. We can eradicate existing mold, clean up water, prevent mold growth and take care of unhealthy indoor air pollutants through a variety of services.

About Mold Free NC in Durham, North Carolina

Our passion for helping people breathe easier in their own homes actually starts with our owner, who had a personal experience with poor air quality in his home. When his son was 3 years old, he developed asthma. As anyone who has treated a child with asthma can attest to, it can be heart-wrenching and scary to watch. The culprit was found to be black mold growing in the crawlspace under the son’s room. Once mold remediation was completed, the son’s symptoms improved by 90%. Health-related problems caused by mold and indoor contaminants are real and dangerous, and here at Mold Free NC, we are eager to help families with their health problems by eliminating mold from their homes.

Whether you are looking for help with emergency water damage mitigation, water damage cleanup, mold removal and remediation or improved air quality through duct cleaning and crawlspace encapsulation, our goal is to help you breathe easily in your home.

To learn more about us here at Mold Free NC, please contact us today!