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Don’t wait– contact us at the first sign of water damage for our water damage restoration services.

Water damage is a problem that can occur to anyone at any time. Whether your water damage is due to something within the house, like a washing machine, dishwasher or bathtub overflowing or a pipe bursting, or your damage is from an exterior source, such as a sewer backup or excessive rainfall causing flooding, our team is here to help. Water damage can occur quickly and needs a response that is just as speedy. That’s where our team at Mold Free NC comes in, ready and able to help our friends and neighbors in the Durham, North Carolina area with our water damage restoration services. Our water damage restoration services can help to restore your home to its former glory. Here are just a few steps that we go through with water damage cases.

Water Damage Restoration Services in Durham, North Carolina

First, we want you to call our expert team as soon as possible. Many homeowners worry about their insurance policies, but when you have water damage, time is of the essence. While insurance companies can recommend different disaster mitigation companies, the choice is ultimately up to you who you choose to perform mitigation services.

Second, when we come, we will immediately get to work assessing the damage and determining how we can proceed. In some cases, this means we need to find and stop the source of the water. In other cases, it means that we need to get to work removing damaged items and start our plan for drying what is left.

Third, we will work on the process of drying. Once the damaged items are removed, we can get our commercial drying equipment into your home. With commercial-grade water extraction and commercial-grade dryers and fans, we are able to remove far more moisture than other methods. This helps to safeguard your home from the possibility of mold growth, which thrives on moisture. However, we need to get to your property in time for mold growth to be inhibited.

Fourth, we will work through the restoration part of our restoration services. Once the area is clean and dry and the source of the water damage has been repaired, our team can get to making your house into a home again. We’ll carefully go through your property, cleaning and making sure that the area is safe. We then will start to tack carpets back down after they’ve been dried (if they were salvageable, which is not always the case) and get to work with drywall work, trim and other flooring. The restoration process is a more enjoyable time because it means that your home is starting to look more put together, rather than being torn apart.

If you have recently suffered water damage in the Durham, North Carolina area, then please let our team here at Mold Free NC help you with our water damage restoration services. We understand that water damage can be traumatic, and we always do our best to ensure that your restoration process is done as quickly as possible. For more information, please give us a call today!