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Whether your water damage is large or small, our experts want to help with the water mitigation process.

Water damage is dangerous and often occurs quickly. Swift damage requires a swift response, and when you have water damage, we here at Mold Free NC are ready and available to come to the rescue at your Durham, North Carolina property. With a 24/7 emergency line, we are there to help you with the water mitigation process anytime that you have water damage occurring.

Water Mitigation in Durham, North Carolina

Because water damage can occur from so many different sources, it is important to address the damage immediately. Whether you are experiencing water mitigation needs due to a broken pipe, an overflowing bathtub or washing machine, or your basement is prone to flooding when it rains heavily, we want to help you through the water mitigation process.

One of the most important things that we can do during water mitigation is to ensure that the soaked or wet items are removed quickly. Mold growth can occur in as little as 24 hours after a flooding event (large or small), and that can make the remediation process even more difficult. We have our trained experts handle the water-exposed items, always trying to salvage as much as they can. With our commercial dryers and fans, we can dry areas quicker and more effectively than if you were to attempt the cleanup on your own.

If you have recently suffered a flood, make your first call to our experts in water mitigation at Mold Free NC. We would love to help you through this harrowing time and ensure that you come out clean, dry and healthy on the other side! Contact us any time for help with your water mitigation needs.

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